SolRX ACTIVE ZINC SPF50+ Pump Bottle (XL 900ml)


SolRX WATERBLOCK™ SPF50 Zinc Sunscreen is the trusted choice of athletes and lifeguards for protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays. Differing from normal sunscreens, SolRX SPF50 Zinc blocks the sun's harmful rays, instead of reflecting them. Originally designed for triathletes, swimmers and surfers, our SPF50 Dry Zinc sunscreen offers our ultimate water and sweat resistant sun protection.

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SolRX SPF50+ Active Zinc formula long-lasting sun protection is the choice of professional athletesDiffering from normal sunscreen formulas, SolRX Active Zinc forms a physical barrier that reflects & scatters UV wavesSolRX Active Zinc Formula is easy to apply and does not have the white appearance once applied that some other Zinc sunscreens can leave you withDesigned to protect athletes in the most intense sun conditions, SolRX is the only sunscreen to use the rigorously tested WATERBLOCKTM technology making it highly water and sweat resistant.The formula is free from oil, parabens, nano particles and is not tested on animals. Make up friendly and suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin

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