What is SolRX?

Waterblock™ Technology

The SolRX waterproof system is unique: we are the only brand to use WATERBLOCK™ technology. In the tube, the product is inactive, but on application exposure to the air changes the structure allowing SolRX to bond to your skin. This creates a water and sweat proof barrier that whilst not clogging pore and allowing the skin to breathe.


Long Lasting 8-hour formula

SolRX has been rigorously tested in extreme conditions to ensure it will keep you protected from the Sun whatever your activity. When AMA Testing Labs were asked to prove the sun protection performance of SolRX they found that even after 8 hours of wet testing, it still maintained protection above its advertised SPF (that’s why we have a + after the SPF factor on our products)

Endorsed by leading athletes

Our products have been extensively field tested across the world. Users of our products have included professional triathletes, surfers and skiers. We are also extremely proud that the World Tour Cycling Team, Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka, have chosen SolRX Sun Protection to meet their intense demands as they compete in cycling events such as The Tour de France 2017.
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SolRX SPF15+

SolRX SPF15 100ml sunscreen lotion
Made with our Original formula featuring WATERBLOCK technology, SolRX SPF15+ Sunscreen is incredibly easy to apply, non-sticky, perfume-free and long lasting full spectrum protection for those who want a lower SPF. Paraben & fragrance free sunscreen absorbs easily into the skin, but does not lose its efficiency regardless of training, swimming and activity.

SolRX SPF30+

SolRX SPF30 sun protection lotion
SolRX SPF30 water resistant sun protection has been the favourite sunscreen for athletes and lifeguards for over two decades and is also perfect for those who just want to swim and sunbathe too. Tested by AMA labs to provide 8 hours protection in and out of the water, its long-lasting UVA/UVB protection is also paraben-free, fragrance-free and suitable for all skin types.

SolRX SPF50+

SolRX SPF50+ Active Zinc 100ml sunblock lotion
SolRX WATERBLOCK™ SPF50 Zinc Sunscreen is the trusted choice of athletes and lifeguards for protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays. Differing from normal sunscreens, SolRX SPF50 Zinc blocks the sun's harmful rays, instead of reflecting them. Originally designed for triathletes, swimmers and surfers, our SPF50 Dry Zinc sunscreen offers our ultimate water and sweat resistant sun protection.

The Science Behind SolRX

Many times, we are asked to explain what makes SolRX sunscreen different from others. There are two key reasons –our manufacturing process and or unique WATERBLOCKTM system.

  • Firstly, to make a lotion, traditional manufacturing methods use what is called an oil phase and a water phase. The various ingredients in the lotion are segmented into these phases, mixed, heated and blended. In every lotion, there are ingredients which hold these two phases together during the process. What SolRX has accomplished is unique, we take the sunscreens and use the mixing of those as the oil phase; therefore, no additional oils are needed. This is how SolRX achieves an oil free sunscreen.
  • Secondly, we are the only Sunscreen to use the WATERBLOCK™ system. Within the SolRX waterproof system are what are known as volatile silicones. The Sunscreen, while its state in the tube is not waterproof. It becomes waterproof once applied to the skin. Part of the waterproofing ingredients changes chemical structure and part of it evaporates into the air, allowing the waterproof agents bond to the skin. There is no body core heating with SolRX which could be experienced with other brands.
This not only ensures that it is water and sweat resistant (so it cannot run into your eyes) but also makes it feels light on the skin and, being non-comedogenic, it allows the skin to breathe.


Having spent the greater part of my life on the water either wakeboarding or kiteboarding, I was constantly trying many different sunscreens and never settling on just one. About two years ago I was introduced to SolRx and from the first day I noticed the difference. SolRx works! It lasts for hours in and out of the water, does not end up in your eyes when wet and most importantly, is non-greasy leaving wake handles and kitebars unaffected by greasy sunscreens! I strongly recommend SolRx to anyone who is looking for great protection and combined with SolRx’ aftersun care range, you will get overall protection and great skin care.”

Chris Wardell, Pro Wake/Kiteboarder

At Ironman Hawaii in 2009 I was worried about the sun, and about getting burnt during the race. I put on lots of “another brand” factor 50+ the night before and on the morning of the race, and got burnt something terrible, especially on my shoulders, and on my bald head through the helmet. I had a good complain about all this at one of the Kona bike shops, and the assistant asked if I had tried SOLRX, which I had never heard of. It was a little bit more expensive than the other brands, but I bought a tube to try out. I was in Hawaii for another month of training before going over to do Ironman Western Australia, so I got lots of opportunity to use SOLRX in the harsh conditions out in the lava fields, and on the ride out to Hawaii and back on the Queen K. Without sounding like just another raving testimonial, the stuff was brilliant. I didn’t get burnt, I could also apply it on my forehead, and it didn’t dissolve and sting my eyes. I could carry on and on, but I won’t. I think it is sufficient to say that anyone who knows about SOLRX but gets burnt using something else, deserves everything that they get. I now rave about the stuff to anyone willing to listen. It certainly raises the bar on what the active triathlete can expect from a sunscreen in extreme sun.

Stu Fitch

SolRX sunscreen saved our hides literally in the Sahara Desert … During our North to South crossing by wind power alone we were exposed to the harshest terrain, conditions and sun possible. I would argue that this is the harshest environment on earth for skin. Thanks to SolRX all four kite buggies crossed with no sunburn at all. The heat, direct and reflective sun were intense. There can be no tougher arena to showcase the superiority of this cream’s protection from UV rays. Go SolRX and thank you from all our hides!

Geoff Wilson, Team Leader Mad Way South – Sahara Challenge

How to use SolRX

  • To gain the full effects of SolRX, apply generously 20 minutes before sun exposure.
  • Complete application is essential to ensure the performance of the sunscreen - if in doubt let it dry and reapply!
  • Allow it to fully absorb before contact with clothing.
  • To maintain optimum protection we advise reapplying throughout the day.
  • Take breaks from intense sun, especially during its peak 11am-3pm.
  • Wear protective clothing (e.g. rash vest, cap, sunglasses) where possible to add protection from the sun.

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